Texas Roadhouse Increases Customer Engagement and Performance Across Major Facebook KPIs

Content published to local Facebook pages sees 71 percent higher engagement than content on the Facebook brand page.

Today we published the findings of a case study showing how Texas Roadhouse increased social-mobile customer engagement substantially across its 390+ U.S. locations over a three-month period. Using the MomentFeed platform, the restaurant chain experienced a boost in performance across all major Facebook KPIs for their local restaurant pages, including an increase in unique organic impressions of 145 percent.

During the three month period, Texas Roadhouse generated 21 million Facebook impressions by sharing content to its local restaurant pages, using the MomentFeed platform to curate the best customer-generated photos from Instagram and Foursquare and sharing them easily to the corresponding Facebook pages as posts. The case study revealed that content on the local Facebook pages generates a 71 percent higher rate of engagement than content on the Facebook brand page. Texas Roadhouse also used the social CRM tools in MomentFeed to efficiently "like" customer photos and respond directly to customers, thereby encouraging additional engagement.

"The MomentFeed platform has been beneficial to our digital marketing efforts," said Dave Dodson, Director of Communications at Texas Roadhouse. "With MomentFeed, we're able to efficiently reach out to and engage with our loyal guests in a relevant way."
First, Texas Roadhouse worked with MomentFeed to resolve all venue inaccuracies on Facebook and Foursquare. This is a challenge for all brick-and-mortar brands. Inaccurate geocodes limit engagement as customers struggle to find the local Facebook page or Foursquare venue. As a result, customers often create duplicates, which leads to a number of lost engagements. MomentFeed's proprietary PinSync process corrects inaccuracies and merges duplicates. This is the first step towards increasing customer engagement at the local level.

"By using MomentFeed, Texas Roadhouse was able to produce exponential results with incremental resources," said MomentFeed founder and CEO Rob Reed. "Texas Roadhouse is now managing a social presence for their locations exclusively from the corporate level. Yet the content they're posting is both authentic and locally relevant. This is because MomentFeed brings Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, and Twitter together as an integrated ecosystem, where the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts."

The MomentFeed platform enables multi-location brands to scale social marketing management however they would like. It can be managed from the corporate, regional, or local level and any combination. At the very least, it is critical for brands to optimize their local assets (pages and venues) for search, engagement, and discovery across Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, and Twitter.