Publish Local Updates to foursquare via MomentFeed

New tools bring additional value to brands leveraging foursquare.

With the recent launch of Local Updates, foursquare has created a communication channel for brands to reach their customers directly for the first time. Today, we're excited to announce the ability for brands to use MomentFeed to publish and manage Foursquare Updates, complete with a number of additional benefits.

Updates published directly through foursquare can include text, one to three photos, and an attached Special. They can be published via the brand page, a single venue, or any group of venues. The same can be published via MomentFeed. However, in addition to distributing brand-generated photos, MomentFeed supports the sharing of venue-specific, customer-generated photos as foursquare Updates.

Brands using the MomentFeed Publishing platform get a chronological feed of foursquare and Instagram photos that have been taken by customers and specifically tagged to one of the brand's locations. These photos can be repurposed in Updates via MomentFeed. The same photos can also be shared to the corresponding Facebook place pages. This provides a way to acknowledge a brand's most passionate customers while scaling a location-specific content strategy.

Foursquare also enables Updates to be posted simultaneously to Twitter and Facebook. With MomentFeed, these updates can be uniquely distributed not only to the Facebook brand page but also to the corresponding Facebook place page(s) for greater relevance and social distribution.

Finally, MomentFeed provides the unique ability to schedule Updates for future publication and for brands to administer foursquare Updates at the corporate, regional, and/or local level.