Outback Steakhouse and Other Restaurants See Significant Increase in Social-Mobile Engagement

New infographic from study comparing increases in customer engagement at the point of sale on Mother's Day and Father's Day. Facebook and Foursquare check-ins show strong correlation to actual sales.

We're announcing today the findings of a MomentFeed study focused on increases in social-mobile engagement across six national restaurant chains on both Mother's Day and Father's Day. Outback Steakhouse was the winning brand, seeing 72 percent increase in combined check-ins (Facebook and Foursquare) on Father's Day compared to the previous weekend and 68 percent increase on Mother's Day.

Overall increases in check-ins, geo-tagged tweets, and photos from the locations were higher on Mother's Day than on Father's Day across all six restaurant chains: California Pizza Kitchen, Olive Garden, Outback Steakhouse, P.F. Chang's China Bistro, Ruby Tuesday, and The Cheesecake Factory. However, relative to the National Restaurant Association's 2011 projections about the number of people expected to dine out on each of the days, Father's Day had a slightly higher increase in engagement compared to the previous week.

Another segment of the study revealed a near-perfect correlation (+0.90 correlation coefficient) between check-ins and sales. This correlation was established by comparing daily combined check-ins (Facebook and Foursquare) and daily sales at each location for a Los Angeles-based restaurant chain over a six-week period.

"Customer engagement at the point of sale is the pulse of what is happening in-store for restaurants and retailers," said Rob Reed, MomentFeed Founder and CEO. "The fact that this activity correlates to actual sales opens a range of opportunities for these brands, not the least of which is a new approach to campaign measurement and competitive intelligence. Foot traffic and sales data have effectively become public information for any brick-and-mortar brand."

One area where Father's Day saw dramatically higher increases than Mother's Day was Facebook place page likes; across the six restaurant chains, there was an average increase in likes of 88 percent on Father's Day from the previous weekend. On Mother's Day, Outback Steakhouse was the only restaurant chain that actually saw an increase in place page likes (30 percent) while the other five saw an average decrease of 9 percent.

The real-time analytics capabilities of the MomentFeed platform capture Facebook and Foursquare check-ins, Facebook likes, geo-tagged tweets, Instagram photos, and Foursquare photos and tips. The brands in this study were not MomentFeed clients.