MomentFeed Announces ‘Events Manager’ For Multi-Location Brands To Create, Publish And Manage Events At Scale

Latest MomentFeed innovation allows brands to increase local engagement, simplify management, and ensure brand consistency

Santa Monica, Calif. (BUSINESS WIRE) December 3, 2018

MomentFeed, the leader in mobile consumer experience management for multi-location brands, today announced the availability of Events Manager – a new solution that enables brands to create, publish, and manage event information, including responses, at scale on Facebook Pages and Google My Business (GMB) Pages. Using Events Manager, multi-location brands can now set up a single event and have it published to all or a subset of locations – which could be hundreds or even thousands of pages – instead of doing it one by one.

Events are an incredibly effective marketing tool for local engagement, but for multi-location brands with hundreds or thousands of locations to manage, the task of creating and posting events to each local Facebook and GMB page quickly becomes complex, time-consuming, and unmanageable. The risk of branding inconsistencies also increases dramatically when individual locations try to develop their own events that might not align with the company’s overall look, feel, and messaging. With Events Manager, brands can now maintain consistency across all pages by giving access to a select group of employees, which can also remove the burden from local and franchise managers, so they can focus on running the business.

“Consumers rely heavily on brands that have the best and most captivating information when they’re looking for fun, new, and interesting events nearby,” said Robert Blatt, CEO of MomentFeed. “One of the most attractive features of Events Manager is that brands can publish this content across all of their locations how and when they want to, and localize it to target certain audiences. This level of speed and personalization is what keeps customers interested and engaged with the brands they love, and also what makes MomentFeed such an important partner for brands in the battle for customer attention and lifetime loyalty.”

“We’ve always posted Facebook events, but MomentFeed’s Events Manager has enabled us to take this to the next level. Now we can leverage Facebook events across all stores through local pages quickly, giving us another great way to connect with our customers,” said Sheela Galando, Director of Client Acquisition & Campaigns, Sephora inside JCPenney.

As part of MomentFeed’s Social Media Manager solution, Events Manager allows users to select the account – or accounts – where they want to post event information and then allows them to easily engage with consumers through comments and responses. For example, when a brand populates the fields within the Events Manager publisher, they correlate directly to the fields in Facebook and GMB, so events can be set up as if they were done natively on either platform. The time normally required to do this at scale is dramatically reduced and also allows brands to maintain consistency for subsets of locations all the way down to individual stores.

Events Manager is the latest solution to be included as part of MomentFeed’s signature Mobile Consumer Experience (MCX) platform, which helps each brands’ locations become more discoverable, get more consumers through the door, and drive revenue—all in a single place. The MCX platform consists of six synergistic and innovative products including Visibility Manager – which includes the recently released Menu Manager – Location Finder, Social Media Manager, Paid Media Manager, Reputation Manager and Connect to integrate with a brand’s enterprise systems and bring insights to life with 3rd-party data.

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