MomentFeed And Yelp Expand Partnership To Deliver Powerful Business Insights

MomentFeed’s expanded Yelp Knowledge partnership now empowers multi-location brands to gain powerful business insights from Yelp’s 150 million reviews all in one place

SANTA MONICA, CA (June 20, 2018) – MomentFeed, the leader in mobile customer experience management for multi-location brands, today announced an expanded partnership with Yelp. The Yelp Knowledge partnership will enable brands to effectively manage their Yelp presence directly through the MomentFeed platform, utilizing reviews to gain unique business insights to ultimately drive sales and customer loyalty.

MomentFeed first partnered with Yelp in March 2016 to help multi-location brands manage location listing data at scale, and create more authentic engagement between brands and consumers. The new Yelp Knowledge partnership uses Yelp’s vast database of trends, reviews, and performance data to help businesses better understand the customer experience. MomentFeed clients can now access tools to analyze business-location-specific data, historical trends and respond directly to customer reviews within the MomentFeed Mobile Customer Experience Management (MCX) platform.

“Combing the abundance of Yelp’s local business data with the easy-to-use MomentFeed platform makes for a strong partnership. It can be a game changer in our clients’ marketing efforts – both at the local and national levels,” says Robert Blatt, CEO of MomentFeed. “Brands can see, sort, respond to, and understand reviews so they can truly engage with the valuable information they contain.”

The MomentFeed platform increases the success of each store for multi-location brands, as measured by increased sales, foot traffic, and customer loyalty, allowing brands to glean operational insights and analytics provided by Yelp Knowledge in one easily managed dashboard through MomentFeed.

“We’re excited about this partnership expansion with MomentFeed,” says Chad Richard, SVP of Yelp Business and Corporate Development. “MomentFeed allows multi-location brands to harness the power of Yelp reviews and to engage with customers in a meaningful way, while allowing brands to derive actionable insights across all of their locations — all in one simple dashboard.”

MomentFeed is committed to solving the big problems for multi-location businesses. As shown by this expanded Yelp Knowledge partnership and new offering, MomentFeed gives businesses with multiple locations a simplified solution for engaging with customers, and analyzing powerful business data. For more information on this new partnership, visit this article

About MomentFeed
MomentFeed’s mobile customer experience management software enables multi-location brands to make their nearest location the best choice for every mobile customer. The Mobile Customer Experience (MCX) management platform helps organizations manage consumer engagement at the store or field level, creating a mobile customer experience that is more authentic, relevant and engaging for local consumers and directly drives in-store foot traffic across multiple channels, providing marketing attribution for each channel.

With an integrated management and reporting system that spans multiple channels including mobile search, social media, digital advertising and customer care, the MCX platform helps continuously and predictably capture more in-store sales for retailers, restaurant chains, banks, auto dealers, insurance companies and other franchised and corporate-owned multi-location businesses. MomentFeed was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Santa Monica, California. For more information, visit