MomentFeed Selected for Facebook's Preferred Marketing Developer Program

We're proud to announce that MomentFeed has been accepted into the Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) Program and was qualified in Pages.

The Facebook PMD Program recognizes companies that have developed technologies in one or more of the following specialty areas: Page management solutions, ads management solutions, services and platforms for building socially enabled integrations, and/or tools for Page Insights analysis.

"This is a significant milestone that reflects the hard work and dedication of our entire team," said MomentFeed Founder Rob Reed. "MomentFeed was founded on the idea that the intersection of social media and mobile would open a world of possibilities for brands to engage with customers at the local level. Earning the Facebook PMD qualification will accelerate our ability to help brands meet the challenge of managing hundreds or thousands of Location Pages on Facebook."

We also recently completed our integration with Facebook's new Locations API for adding and updating local Facebook Pages. Through our proprietary PinSync process, MomentFeed corrects inaccurate latitude and longitude for locations and synchronizes this and other location data to the corresponding local pages on Facebook and other platforms. The MomentFeed solution now also supports real-time Facebook wall posts on local Pages, enabling brands to see engagement across thousands of locations directly in their MomentFeed dashboard.