MomentFeed Partners with Retailigence

Marketing and business intelligence dashboard for major retailers. Retailigence data to be integrated alongside Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter.

3/19/2012 - Today, we're announcing our partnership with Retailigence, a leader in using local store inventory obtained directly from retailers to connect shoppers with products, and provide retail marketers with critical data about mobile shopper activity. The integration provides retailers with a Web-based interface to visualize and analyze data about location-based, product-specific searches (customer leads) via smartphones and how these correspond to their brick-and-mortar locations.

Retailigence connects real-time consumer demand with real-world inventory supply by way of its network of third-party mobile applications. On-the-go consumers can shop for products on their smartphones and discover which stores have them in stock at what prices. Retailigence clients can now visualize this activity through the MomentFeed dashboard, enabling them to better understand which locations and products are generating the most customer leads and how this is trending over time at the local, regional, and global levels.

"Location is one of the most important dimensions for brick and mortar retailers to leverage. By analyzing consumer trends with a local angle, brick and mortar retailers have a unique ability to respond to the local needs and fulfill shoppers' demands immediately. However, to capture this opportunity, retailers need to collect, analyze, and respond." said Jeremy Geiger, CEO of Retailigence. "Today, MomentFeed is the most powerful location-based analytics platform for retailers and will help smart retailers capture their full potential."

+C44With the integration of Retailigence, we are adding a valuable data source while demonstrating MomentFeed's capabilities as a universal location-based marketing platform," said MomentFeed Founder and CEO Rob Reed. "We are truly agnostic when it comes to location-specific inputs and outputs. These can include public sources such as Twitter and Instagram, private sources such as Retailigence, hybrid sources such as Foursquare and Facebook, and proprietary sources such as sales and foot traffic data. We look forward to further integrating with Retailigence in providing retailers with actionable, real-time insight about how customers are engaging with their locations."

With Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter, MomentFeed tells the story of customer engagement at the point of sale. This includes check-ins, tweets, tips, photos, and offer redemptions. MomentFeed provides a full suite of analytics, campaign, and CRM tools to leverage these engagements. Retailigence tells the customer backstory, providing retailers with actionable, real-time insight about how customers are engaging with their locations. This includes local product searches and purchase intent, which ultimately lead to specific retail locations and transactions. Positive correlations between these data points will show the full customer lifecycle, all of which can potentially occur via smartphones.

MomentFeed clients will immediately be able to start seeing these insights from Retailigence on their dashboards.