MomentFeed Integrates Instagram and Releases Curation and Publishing Tools

Local marketing solution provides scalable management of Instagram and Facebook Place Pages.

Today, we're excited to announce our integration with Instagram and the release of new publishing tools that lets brands aggregate and curate their best customer-generated content for distribution across corresponding Facebook place pages, providing the first scalable solution for local content publishing available to multi-location brands.

Many brands are realizing exponential fan growth across their Facebook place pages, due in part to recent Facebook algorithm changes that prioritize them over brand pages. This creates a unique opportunity to reach and engage customers at the local level. Research from Mainstay Partners shows that fans of local pages are 40 times more engaged than those of corporate brand pages. However, scaling local page management is a significant challenge.

MomentFeed brings Facebook, foursquare, and Twitter into a unified solution for multi-location brands. MomentFeed's new curation tools enable brands to publish their best foursquare photos and tips to their corresponding Facebook place pages with a single click, complete with attribution and a "thank you note" sent to the customer via Twitter. The same can now be done with place-tagged photos from Instagram.

"Our customers are creating and sharing authentic content on foursquare, Instagram, and other mobile apps that is unique to each of our restaurants," said AJ Sacher, Regional Manager at Barney's Beanery, a chain of gastropubs in California. "We use MomentFeed to curate the best photos and tips and distribute them to our Facebook pages as a way to acknowledge those customers while engaging our fans. As a result, we are seeing a significant increase in engagement across all of our Facebook pages. And it makes sense, because this is content created by fellow customers."

"Thanks to smartphones and ubiquitous social networks like Facebook, global-local marketing is becoming a scalable reality," said MomentFeed founder and CEO Rob Reed. "The MomentFeed platform enables marketers to leverage Facebook, foursquare, Twitter, and Instagram in a holistic way to engage a brand's most valuable customers and drive sales. The tools we're launching today take this to a new level by maximizing the value of earned and owned media at the local level with stunning efficiency. For a brand with 1,000 locations, it takes all of 10 minutes per day to curate and publish the best foursquare and Instagram content to the corresponding Facebook place pages, and the return is huge. This is a lot like Facebook's Sponsored Stories, only instead of connecting with a user's social graph, the connections are made with a brand's customer graph. This takes place at the local level on a global scale and facilitates a new type of social connection, customer-to-customer‚ which is uniquely valuable to the brand."

These new tools are enabled by MomentFeed's PinSync service, which optimizes and synchronizes venues across Facebook, foursquare, Twitter, and Instagram. PinSync provides centralized control and management of brand venues, which can also be decentralized to local representatives.