MomentFeed Incorporates Facebook’s Local Awareness Ads Into Campaigns

Targeting consumers where they are located with automatically localized ads that send them to the closest stores drives measurable and impactful ROI

SANTA MONICA, CA (October 29, 2014) – MomentFeed, the digital marketing platform that gives national brands the relevance and authenticity of a local business, announced today the ability to utilize Facebook’s® Local Awareness ad targeting in MomentFeed Campaigns.

MomentFeed Campaigns is one of the first solutions to incorporate Local Awareness ads, a feature that allows businesses to target consumers in the immediate vicinity of their storefronts. With Campaigns, brands have the ability to generate a single national advertising campaign that automatically transforms into hundreds or even thousands of dynamically localized and targeted ads – one specific to each business location.

“It’s no longer enough for national campaigns to simply create awareness. In the mobile consumer era, these campaigns need to drive action, which is most frequently a visit to a store or restaurant,” said MomentFeed CEO, Robert Blatt.

With four in five consumers preferring ads customized to their location according to Google, MomentFeed Campaigns solves this local advertising challenge, giving consumers the relevance they demand at a scale that national brands require. For brand marketers, the ability to harness a solution that allows for customization of specific location details such as store hours, directions, special offers and more on Facebook, is a fundamental shift in how they are able to connect with consumers.

“Everyone is trying to close the loop between social engagement and sales. MomentFeed does this while providing a scalable way for national brands to be locally relevant,” added Blatt. “Our local analytics tie into the social and advertising portions of our platform providing retailers with the ability to truly match their online customer engagement to real in-store transactions.”

The Old Spaghetti Factory (OSF), an Italian-style family restaurant chain, realized a success of 30x return on their $2,000 investment in Facebook advertising when joining forces with MomentFeed and launching a targeted and localized Facebook campaign.

“MomentFeed’s platform made it easy for us to produce real business results through localized ads,” said Ryan Durrett, Director of Marketing at Old Spaghetti Factory. “It’s easy to assume that localized marketing would be impactful, but until now it’s been hard to execute at scale, let alone prove. The campaign provided us with a clear picture of the return on our Facebook ad spend — including a significant increase in real customer transactions in our restaurants. It demonstrated the impact a Facebook ad campaign can have when you provide a relevant, local call to action to the communities you serve.

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