MomentFeed Announces Official Launch At Geolocation Conference

Publishes white paper on location-based marketing: From Hype to Holy Grail, Location is the New Frontier in Digital Marketing

MALIBU, CA – July 21, 2010 – MomentFeed today announced its official launch at the Geo-Loco Geolocation Conference in San Francisco. To mark the occasion the company published a white paper for the benefit of marketers, agencies, and the location-based services (LBS) industry. From Hype to Holy Grail that focuses on the opportunities and challenges of location-based marketing as well as those of the LBS industry.

MomentFeed was founded by Rob Reed, an entrepreneur and thought leader in the areas of marketing and sustainability. He's also the founder of, an industry-leading blog on social media, geolocation, and green living. Rob recently served as Vice President of Marketing and Government Relations for online postal mail provider Zumbos and has twice been ranked among "Top 100 Social Media and Internet Marketing Bloggers" (#32) by Cision.

MomentFeed develops location-based marketing strategies and technology solutions. The company helps agencies and large brands effectively leverage this new channel. The service offering includes proprietary analytics solution for monitoring, managing, and optimizing location-based campaigns. MomentFeed works with multiple location-based service (LBS) providers to offer a wide range of engagement options with maximum reach and frequency. The MomentFeed platform enables brands to address the entire LBS market.

"The context of Geo-Loco Conference is ideal for the launch of MomentFeed," Reed said. "The focus on how brands can leverage geo and how geo can leverage brands is exactly what MomentFeed is about. There is truly a yin-yang dynamic in location at this early stage. Brands and LBS providers need one another. And consumers need them to work together. At the end of the day, it's a win-win-win if done right. That's why MomentFeed exists."

The MomentFeed platform helps marketers to understand the LBBS channel. It enables foot-traffic monitoring for thousands of locations and multiple LBS providers. It provides aggregate data as well as an algorithm that determines the level and value of location-based engagements. It also provides competitive analysis.

The MomentFeed team consists of an experienced group of marketing and technology executives who believe the nexus of mobile, social, and location amounts to the HOly Trinity – as well as the Holy Grail – of marketing.