Cinnabon Sees Nearly 700% Increase in Customer Enagement via MomentFeed

MomentFeed delivers PinSync to solve universal venue optimization challenges for multi-location brands on Facebook and Foursquare.

3/12/2012 - Today, we're excited to announce the findings from an eight-month study we conducted with Cinnabon, Inc., which saw customer engagement increase by 671% across its 400+ U.S. locations by leveraging the MomentFeed platform. The engagement was measured across Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter.

Cinnabon's primary objective was to increase customer engagement at the point of sale. The company worked with MomentFeed to register and optimize its venues on Facebook and Foursquare as well as to measure the impact of its location-based marketing efforts. MomentFeed utilized PinSync, the company's proprietary venue optimization process, to merge duplicate venues, adjust inaccurate geocodes, correct address information, and update venues with consistent branding. This one-time process synchronized Cinnabon's location data across Facebook and Foursquare by using MomentFeed as the central hub.

In the month following PinSync, engagement at the point of sale increased by 43% and 86% on Foursquare and Facebook respectively. This was followed by a charitable check-in campaign with Operation Gratitude on Foursquare.

"The significant increase in customer engagement from working with MomentFeed exceeded our expectations," said Rachel Hadley, PR/Corporate Communications Manager for Cinnabon at FOCUS Brands. "By simply optimizing our venues on Facebook and Foursquare and running one campaign, it became clear how many of our customers actually want to engage with our brand. Tapping into that engagement potential clearly represented an opportunity for us - one we are glad we pursued."

"Cinnabon is a superb example of how brands can measurably increase engagement at the point of sale through a few simple steps," said MomentFeed VP of Product and Client Relations, Derek Browers. "Through the PinSync process, we removed many of the barriers to engagement and made it easier for customers to both find a local Cinnabon and to check-in when they arrived. On a universal basis, we find that 40 percent of locations have multiple, unauthorized duplicate venues and more than half show inaccurate geocodes. This undermines customer engagement, search, and discovery, which results in lost opportunities to connect with customers and generate sales."

PinSync was developed by MomentFeed to solve a ubiquitous problem for multi-location brands - ensuring all locations (venues) are accurately and comprehensively registered on Facebook and Foursquare. Before PinSync, there was no seamless solution for optimizing, synchronizing, and centralizing venue information on these platforms. In addition, MomentFeed solves the problem of keeping these platforms up to date when new locations are opening and old ones are closing.

The Cinnabon case study further demonstrated that customer engagement achieves higher plateaus following both PinSync and a well-designed campaign. At limited cost and with minimal effort, multi-location brands in the restaurant, retail, hospitality, and banking categories can increase customer engagement at the point of sale simply by optimizing their venues across Facebook and Foursquare. Well-executed marketing campaigns can further boost engagement.