Centralized Campaign Management for Facebook and Foursquare with Clear Path to ROI

Robust new tools to create, publish, and optimize campaigns in MomentFeed.

6/11/2012 - Today, we're announcing a new set of campaign tools that lets brands manage Facebook Offers and Foursquare Check-In Specials within one unified solution. This new capability provides first-of-its-kind centralized management for campaigns across both platforms, delivering significant efficiencies and scale for multi-location brands.

Brands can now create, publish, and optimize campaigns all within their MomentFeed account. The campaigns can include Facebook Offers, Foursquare Check-In Specials, or both. The new feature-set adds a meta layer on top of campaigns on Facebook and Foursquare, enabling multiple campaigns from both platforms to live within a single MomentFeed campaign. This meta-layer enables ease of management and optimization as well as consistency across the analytics for a true understanding of campaign performance.

Unique to MomentFeed is the ability to make changes to any Facebook Offer or Foursquare Check-In Special at any point during the campaign, and campaign optimization can now happen on three levels via MomentFeed:

  1. The platform level - investing more with either Facebook or Foursquare based on campaign performance for each platform
  2. The location level - targeting certain locations while excluding others based on performance for each group of locations
  3. The offer level - adjusting the incentive if necessary while the campaign is running to further improve performance

Beyond the flexibility of these optimization capabilities that increase performance and ROI for brands, centralized Facebook and Foursquare campaign management enable scale with respect to SoLoMo strategies. With the tools that support a holistic approach to social-local-mobile marketing, multi-location brands can get the most out of their campaign efforts and ultimately engage much more effectively with their customers.

MomentFeed puts Facebook Offers and Foursquare Check-In Specials in the broader context of what happens at a brand's locations, as performance is reported along with key point-of-sale customer engagement metrics in MomentFeed. Correlation with sales data can then be established to quantify ROI.