Announcing Our Partnership with Foursquare

Collaborating to Streamline Venue Claiming and Optimization

1/30/2012 - Today, we're announcing a partnership with foursquare to claim venues on behalf of our clients.

Claiming venues on foursquare is a process whereby brands take ownership of their respective venues, which correspond to each of their real-world locations, in order to leverage the foursquare Merchant Platform. This enables brands to do the following: update venue details, including the address, geocode, and branding; access venue analytics including customer demographics and loyalty; and manage foursquare Special campaigns for customers who check-in. For brands with a large number of locations, this can be challenging. This is one of the fundamental issues MomentFeed addresses.

"Our goal is to make it that much easier for brands to market through foursquare," said MomentFeed CEO and Founder, Rob Reed. "The MomentFeed platform offers the added benefit of Venue Optimization‚Ñ¢, which increases the likelihood of discovery and customer engagement at the point of sale."

"We're psyched to see the tools MomentFeed is building on top of our Merchant Platform," said foursquare Director of Business Development, Jake Furst. "Optimizing the venue management process from claiming venues to managing foursquare campaigns will allow brands to increase both sales and engagement metrics through the MomentFeed dashboard."

For current MomentFeed clients, this means taking control of newly opened venues on foursquare is as simple as entering a street address or uploading a CSV file to their MomentFeed account. In the restaurant, retail, hospitality, and banking industries, this can amount to hundreds of new locations every quarter. These new features significantly streamline the process for brands and foursquare alike.

For companies that are new to foursquare, MomentFeed's Venue Optimization‚Ñ¢ process simplifies the initial setup. This includes identifying and merging duplicate venues and updating all claimed venues with accurate details and branding. This is like SEO for a brand's locations. Given that foursquare is facilitating real-world search, discovery, and social engagement, it's imperative that venue information is as accurate and comprehensive as possible. foursquare venues are becoming key consumer touch points. They are truly brand assets and ought to be managed accordingly.

As we previously posted about, the search and discovery facilitated by foursquare Explore makes Venue Optimization‚Ñ¢ that much more valuable and essential for large brands that want to market through the foursquare platform. Consumers are relying on the accuracy and consistency of venue data to locate and engage with brands in the real world. At MomentFeed, we're committed to facilitating and maximizing these engagements at the point of sale.

Marketers for multi-location brands are realizing that the point of sale is the signal that truly matters in social. Global brands with 100 or 30,000 locations are not global brands. They are 100 or 30,000 local brands. As such, managing social at the global level perpetuates the waste and inefficiency of broadcast media. A Twitter follower or Facebook fan that can't buy one's products is largely irrelevant. With the rise of large-scale social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and foursquare, marketers can target their efforts where it the local level with a clear path to the point of sale. And they can manage this all through the MomentFeed location-based marketing platform.