Snip-Its Gamifies Reputation Strategy to Motivate Franchisees, Driving 243% Increase in Review Response

  • 243%

    Increase in response rates

  • 22%

    Increase in proximity search for top non-branded keywords like "kids haircut"

  • 89%

    Increase in review volume

"MomentFeed has been a game changer for Snip-its in allowing us to reward and recognize stylists based on their online reviews and reputation of each location."

Marketing Manager


Snip-Its was searching for ways to engage with its franchisees and motivate them to participate in marketing activities that would influence the brand's local search rankings, ultimately boosting each store's bottom line. Like most franchised organizations, Snip-Its struggled with incentivizing franchisees to respond to reviews and manage their review score – two factors that impact how they appear in proximity searches.


Snip-Its approach was to:

1. Develop a year long contest to reward and recognize franchisees that provided the best customer experience

2. Measure its performance in MomentFeed compared to the company average

3. Reward its top 10% of franchisees


Using MomentFeed to grant permission access to the franchisees, Snip-Its measured response rate, average rating and volume of reviews at the corporate level. Franchisees were notified via email in real-time allowing them to click in-app to respond directly in MomentFeed — one of the franchisees' favorite parts! Plus, the response library was pre-loaded by corporate with templatized responses based on the key themes and topics that would surface in reviews.

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