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Google is the number one online destination in the world for search. About 91% of global consumers use Google to conduct searches and consumers utilize it extensively to look for and purchase products and services in their vicinity.

What is Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile (GBP), formerly Google My Business (GMB), is a free tool offered by Google to create listings for your business to optimize it for visibility on Google Maps, Google Shopping, and Google Search.

It showcases data about your business to help customers make purchase decisions, for example, the name and address of your business, your location, working hours, products and services offered, reviews and ratings, etc.

How It Works?

Google scores each Google Business Profile and offers them ranks in searches based on several factors such as the proximity of the searcher, accuracy of the information, number of reviews, review response rate, citations, and profile optimization.

The most coveted spot is the Google 3-Packthe first three results in a local packwhich can significantly improve the success of your business.

With a highly optimized Google Business Profile, you can make sure you appear high up on searches so that your audience can find you in high-intent search moments.

How to Improve Your Listings on Google Business Profile?

Just listing your business data on Google Business Profile may not be enough. To ensure you always show up when your prospects are conducting searches, you need to:

  • Audit and maintain your listings data for accuracy

  • Claim your listings for all locations and regularly update them

  • Stay on top of ratings and customer reviews by responding to them

Therefore, maintaining your Google Business Profiles is an ongoing (but rewarding) task.

Why Uberall?

Aside from the proximity of the searchers, you can highly improve your chances of landing in Google 3-Pack working with us. We offer:

  • Direct API integrations with Google, Facebook, Alexa, and other major players give you priority access to the latest fields, features, and enhancements.

  • Google Business Profile API Early Access Program allows us to integrate and test new features before others and collaborate with Google on new developments, giving you a competitive advantage.

Direct Verification allows us to verify your Google Business Profiles in bulk, so you can get online within minutes rather than weeks.

How to Optimize Your Google Business Profile

Consistently appearing on searches results from constantly optimizing your Google Business Profile. Remember, every business is vying for those coveted spots in search results to improve their chances of making a sale.

Our tips on optimizing your Google Business Profile from Uberall’s GBP Platinum Product Expert, Krystal Taing, will help you be on the top of your search and visibility game, always.

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