One Feed to Rule them All – From Local Social to Reviews

Comprehensive, high-quality local digital marketing is a lot of work. There are multiple social media platforms, listings, and review sites out there, each one inviting customers to share their experiences. And customers expect brands to be out there engaging right back, responding quickly and meaningfully to their experiences.

‌From Facebook to Google My Business, the sheer volume of platforms can be a lot for any business to manage. It’s even more difficult for brands that have multiple locations. Without a solution like MomentFeed, it’s almost impossible to keep up.

‌Even with a tool like MomentFeed though, there’s a lot involved. There's a long to-do list that never seems to get any shorter, which includes:

  • ‌Responding to reviews

  • ‌Answering customer inquiries

  • ‌Resolving comments and suggestions

That’s why we built The Feed. The Feed creates a single, real-time stream that unifies your social and review channels, simplifying the otherwise monumental task of review and social media management.

Multiple Conversations, One Interface

The Feed shows you the conversations that happen around your brand, presenting them to you in one unified inbox. From there, you can respond to questions, suggestions, compliments, and concerns directly, staying on top of your online presence more easily than ever before.

Your inbox features individual cards, each of which represents a single comment, review, or message thread with location data attached. Each one becomes its own action item to be resolved so you can stay organized and prioritized.

The Feed streamlines how you respond to Facebook wall posts, comments, and recommendations as well as Google reviews and dozens of listing sites from MomentFeed’s Expanded Reviews.

Find the Content You Need

The Feed has powerful sorting, search, and saving tools, so it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. The user-friendly dashboard makes it easy for anyone to use these time-saving tools. You can:

  • Filter any search by date, channel, star value, resolution status, and more

  • ‌Sort chronologically or by sentiment

  • ‌Use “smart sort” to put your most urgent action items at the top of the feed

  • ‌Search for keywords and usernames

  • ‌Save interactions for future reference, just like you’d archive an email

Examples of Content Filters:

Take Action Quickly

MomentFeed knows that no marketer is an island, especially for multi-location brands. The Feed gives you a team-based approach for responding to customers and resolving suggestions. You can:

  • ‌Mark a conversation as resolved or unresolved so everyone on the team can see its status

  • ‌Engage directly with conversations via the feed

  • Leverage templates from your response library

  • ‌Take action in bulk to save time

Look Before You Leap

With The Feed, you can act quickly, but you’re never acting blindly. An expandable context campaign shows you more about the conversation, including the original post if relevant, without irrelevant comments and other noise.

Manage Your Local Digital Presence from Anywhere

The Feed’s intuitive design is easy to use and mobile-friendly, so team members can take action on conversations from anywhere. The Feed is easy to use on any device.

Something for Every Type of Marketer

MomentFeed designed The Feed to benefit how real marketers work. No matter what role on the marketing team or the structure of your team, The Feed can improve your efficiency and make success easier.

Demand Generation Marketers
Demand gen marketers measure success in online impressions, online and offline traffic, and revenue. The Feed keeps your team focused on high-value activities that influence local search rank, so you drive more high-intent buyers to your website and ultimately your locations.

Communications and Social Media Marketers
Staying on top of reviews and local social activity is job No. 1 for today’s social media and communications teams. The Feed gives you a fail-safe way to keep up with those messages and deliver the replies customers expect. And if you have multiple people handling social media and review management – The Feed lets you apply filters so users can see just their reviews or social media mentions.

Field Marketers
The Feed lets field marketers filter by locations and regions so you can see only the areas that you manage. Having less visual noise makes life easier, while also helping to make sure that nothing gets missed.

Franchise Owners and Store Operators
For franchise owners and store operators who wear multiple hats from customer relations to employee scheduling and staffing, every marketing moment counts. The Feed simplifies life by offering one prioritized view, equally accessible on both desktop and mobile. As an owner or operator, you can use The Feed to act on your most important online marketing tasks quickly so you can get back to your customers and employees sooner.

SEO Managers
The Feed makes it easier for your whole team to be on the same page about what will accelerate search rankings, drive website traffic, and boost conversions. Plus, by staying on top of Facebook and Google business listing customer interactions that require attention, The Feed will save you countless hours and help you use your listings are always optimized.

Managing content channels for a multi-location brand is no easy task, even with a resource like MomentFeed. That’s why we developed The Feed, which presents all of your top-priority actions in an actionable format.

The Feed is designed for the way real marketers work. You can filter by location and see all of your must-do digital marketing tasks at a glance, no matter where you are. It's a total game-changer for any multi-location business.

The future of local digital marketing is here – don't get left behind.

The future of local digital marketing is here. See what MomentFeed can do for you.

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