Google Releases Update to the Google My Business API

Published: August 29, 2018

Today, Google announced the release of the latest version of the Google My Business (GMB) API. In the new version of the API (v4.2), Google has released a number of features that make it easier to manage and optimize your business listings for search. Here is what you need to know about the latest Google My Business changes.

What's New in GMB v4.2

Chain Membership

From business attributes to menu information, Google has continued to add new data fields to GMB listings. These data fields provide more rich, structured data that Google uses to determine whether or not a business should be displayed in user search results. In this release, Google has added the ability to indicate whether a business is part of a larger chain. The benefit to multi-location businesses is that consumers conducting a search using your chain name will be more likely to see your business locations appear in search results.

Product Posts

Google is continuing to expand the capabilities of the GMB Posts product by adding a new post type called Product Posts. With Product Posts, businesses can highlight specific products in the Knowledge Panel, including information like the product name and price. Note that the GMB Posts product is not available to brands with 10 or more locations via the API. Therefore, brands that would like to take advantage of Posts must do so via the native GMB interface.

Other Updates

New Onboarding APIs: For software companies and agencies, Google has made available new APIs for finding and requesting permission to access existing GMB listings. These APIs will allow MomentFeed to more quickly and efficiently implement new clients and client locations on Google. Reviewer Profile Photos: Google is now providing user profile photos with ratings and reviews. Previously, all review content contained a generic user profile image. New Verification APIs: Software companies and agencies can now trigger business verification actions like sending a postcard or making a phone call through the GMB API. Note that this does not materially impact MomentFeed clients. Expanded Location Filters: For API users, Google is providing more granular options for filtering locations. As a Google My Business Trusted Tester, MomentFeed was granted early access to Google's API, offering our clients these leading innovations as they become available.

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